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Two Chickens In Need Of Good Home - 1 Girl, 1 Boy ~*VERY pretty!*~
posted by Scarlet, 24 November 2008, 8:01pm


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Two Chickens In Need Of Good Home - 1 Girl, 1 Boy ~*VERY pretty!*~
posted by Scarlet, 24 November 2008, 8:01pm

Someone recently contacted hencam to ask if we could give two quickly-growing chicks a new home. We are always open to helping someone out with chicken problems, but as the person wasn't sure whether the chicks were male / female we asked if they would be able to send us photos first.

Well, unfortunately it would appear that at least one of the chicks is male. The white & black i suspect is a female, but as we are unsure of the ages we are not 100% sure. They are both very beautiful chicks who are exceptionally tame, and would make very loving chickens. See photos below if interested:

chickens together
Here they are together

Close-up of female's feathering

boy chick?
Beautiful boy

The chicks appear to be mixed breeds, but their guessed heritage is a Silver Sebright (bantam breed) for the female, which explains why she is so pretty ;) And possibly an Old English Game Bantam for the male...However, having said that i may be completely wrong and they might not be bantams at all :P

Anyway, they're pretty and friendly, what more do you need to know?! If anybody is interested, please either email me or my dad...

Thank you!

University here i come!
posted by Scarlet, 24 September 2008, 7:58pm

I am off to uni at Keele at the end of this month...woop woop!!

Very exciting :P

Adios Midget and Sunny
posted by Scarlet, 24 June 2008, 4:17pm

Well, Midget has decided it is time he was an adult and is trying to perfect the art of crowing. Hurray! (not)

For the past week he has started crowing at 8:00am in the morning, and unfortunately he sounds like a cat being strangled, or some other sort of yowling animal in pain.

Yesterday morning and this morning he has started crowing even earlier, at 4:00am when the sun rises. This is terrible, as it means i have to drag myself out of my pit and run downstairs to shut him up before he wakes the neighbours!

My parents are currently at Glastonbury, and I leave for a holiday in Spain (whoohoo!) before they return, so i hope Midget behaves himself for my Nana who is coming to look after him!

Anyway, Midget and Sunny are going to join their brother's when my parents get back, as Dan has decided he doesn't want them anymore. This means i won't be able to say goodbye as i am on holiday *snivel* but I know they are going to a good home!

Bye bye, chicks
posted by Scarlet, 5 June 2008, 4:09pm

Well, yesterday we said a very difficult goodbye to Pappy, Scotty and Daisy. The chicks were thirteen and a half weeks old and, although we had been planning to keep them until they were fifteen weeks old and take them home together, Pappy decided he was an adult and had began to fight and attack his brothers.

Scotty, unlike the other two boys, fought Pappy back which resulted in Pappy having some nasty cuts on his comb. He also attacked Midget and i wasn't happy about that at all - Midget is our youngest chick, and walks around looking perpetually confused. When his brother attacked him he stood with his head bowed looking very sorry for himself, and i had to run to his rescue!

So Pappy, Daisy and Scotty have gone to a beautiful new home. They are still living together but have ten times more room than they did here at hencam, and so it will be easy for them to keep out of each others way! They are sharing their new home with some ducks, goslings and are even being bought their own female hens in a week or two!

Lucky boys! As for Midget and Sunny, they will be spending a few more weeks here until Dan is ready to take them at the farm, unless he has a change of heart..

6 Weeks Old Today!
posted by Scarlet, 7 May 2008, 4:29pm

Yes, our mystery chicks are six weeks old today (well, technically Midget and Scotty won't be six weeks old until tomorrow, but whatever!). Although they have grown, they're nowhere near full size yet and are still 'cheeping.' Their eyes haven't turned orange yet, either, they're a weird green colour.

They've been spending more and more time outside whilst the weather's nice, although it isn't until they're 7 weeks old that they'll be able to produce their own body heat, so they keep coming for cuddles under my hoodie to keep warm!

This weekend they'll be going into their coop (hopefully, if it's finished!), which my dad has spent the last few weeks making. It will be 10ft long, 4ft wide and just under 4ft high. The chicks will spend the day & nights in there, and i'll let them out to free-range when i get back from school. We would let them free-range throughout the day, but last time Mr Fox came and ate our other three chicks :(

Then, by the time they are fully grown, they will be off on their way back to the farm!

They're lucky chicks though, broilers would be off to the slaughterhouse now. There's hardly any meat on these chicks, really highlights the difference between 'normal' chickens and broilers - i hate to think how fast they must grow. It's no wonder a broiler chick's heart has a high chance of giving out at any minute...

International Respect For Chickens Day ~ May 4th!
posted by Scarlet, 3 May 2008, 4:58pm

Tomorrow is International Respect For Chickens Day, which is all about “celebrating the dignity, beauty, and life of chickens and to protest against the bleakness of their lives in farming operations,” says UPC (United Poultry Concerns) president Karen Davis.

Tomorrow we will be giving our chickens - both the big and little chucks! - a special treat. We'll make them a nice meal of lettuce, grapes, spaghetti & bread, and the big girls can have a cream cake too!

Have a great day everyone :)

Chick update :)
posted by Scarlet, 26 April 2008, 4:28pm

They're really growing quickly now! The chicks are four and a half weeks old, and as far we know we have four boys (Midget, Daisy (LOL!), Pappy and Scott) and one girl: my little Sunshine :)

If these chicks had been produced for the egg industry, four of them would be dead by now. If they were broilers they would be finding it difficult to walk because of their weight, and they would be killed in one and a half weeks...Lucky chicks!

Also MAY THE FOURTH is fast approaching, so get planning! And for anybody who still doesn't know what May 4th is, it's INTERNATIONAL RESPECT FOR CHICKENS DAY!!!

From chicks to chickens...
posted by Scarlet, 10 April 2008, 3:17pm

Well, the youngest two chicks were two weeks old yesterday, and sheesh they have grown so much! You can watch them at hencam.co.uk and see how big and fuzzy they have got!

I can't believe they are so big...!

posted by Scarlet, 25th March 2008, 3:16pm

We have five fluffy chicks, yellow as can be.... :)

7 days...
posted by Scarlet, 18 March 2008, 8:09am

7 days to go until we might possible have some chicks...cross your fingers!

Chicks again...?
posted by Scarlet, 10 March 2008, 9:40pm

My dad recently brought home thirteen RIR eggs to hatch. They're fertile and in an incubator, and i've been turning them three times a day...i didn't particularly want more chicks, not after what happened to Scrambled, Webster and Luca - but when did i ever have a say in the animals?

Also, it's that time of year again: International Respect For Chickens Day!! I think the actual date is May 4th so get planning, you can read more about it on UPC's website (see links page)

Sorry if i sound a bit downbeat...I was searching for some photos of Eva to enter a UPC competition, but Scrapblog has deleted my account, and with it all my photos. So i've lost all my photos of Eva, which is quite upsetting...i should have saved them somewhere, but i didn't :-(

Oh well...

Chicken Out campaign is a success!
posted by Scarlet, 21 January 2008, 10:10pm

Contrary to what you may have heard from Tesco, "reliable sources" have informed me that many supermarkets - including Tesco - have actually sold out of free-range chickens!

This can only be described as a step in the right direction. The fact that supermarkets are selling out of free-range birds mean that more and more farmers will be forced to change over to raising free-range flocks to keep up with consumer demands.

However, one website claims:
A Tesco spokesman said: "Sales of Tesco standard chickens have not been affected by the C4 TV programmes.
"This week, daily national sales of standard whole birds are running approximately 7% above the November 2007 daily average."

On the other hand, another website states: "Tesco has reported an increase in free-range chicken sales following the broadcast of TV chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's investigation into poultry farming." So who knows...

Oh! Some more good news: Hellmann's have stated they are starting to using purely free-range eggs in their products starting next month! This is great news, and really shows how powerful consumers really are. Well done everyone, and thank you Hellmanns'!!

Chickens in the news!!!
posted by Scarlet, 7 January 2008, 3:21pm

The Guardian newspaper has recently done quite a few articles about chickens and the disgusting conditions they are kept in. They're rather long, but quite an interesting read - particularly the most recent one, as it mentions that many supermarkets are planning to "phase out" and stop selling battery eggs - hurrah!! See links below for all three articles:

The price of eggs
At least the chickens have Jamie Oliver
RSPCA launches campaign against chicken factory farms

Also, tonight on Channel 4 there is a VERY promising program all about chickens and factory farming. Here is the summary from the channel 4 website, I'll add the link below :)

"In three hard-hitting programmes, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall explores the horrors of intensive chicken farming. The journey takes him far from the cosy lifestyle of River Cottage and into the harrowing conditions of running his own modern poultry production line."
Channel 4 chicken program :)

Happy Christmas
posted by Scarlet, 22 December 2007, 8:21pm

This will probably be the last post before Christmas, so i just wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)

Quote Of The Day:

"Animals are my friends...and I don't eat my friends." -George Bernard Shaw

Battery cages banned...?
posted by Scarlet, 17 December 2007, 7:45pm

The ban on Battery Hen cages has been confirmed, and the date is set for 1st January 2012. After this date no more hens will be kept in these cages in the UK.

However, this DOES NOT mean that conditions will drastically improve. Battery cages are to be replaces by 'Enriched Cages' - ie. battery cages that are slightly bigger, with a low perch and a small nest and dust bathing area. This is supposed to give the hen a 'more natural environment.' (!!)

You can read more about the enriched cages on the 'About battery hens' page, and also on The Battery Hen Welfare Trust website (see Links page) has more information :)

Bonfire Night!
posted by Scarlet, 5 November 2007, 2:29pm

“Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot,
I see no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!”

There have been so many fireworks round here, and living on a hill is fantastic because you can see them all from the window.

Thankfully, the chickens don't seem bothered by the noise at all...which is odd, as they're not scared of exploding gun powder, but they are scared when they see a bird in the tree. Weird!

Halloween tomorrow
posted by Scarlet, 30 October 2007, 10:11pm

Happy Halloween everybody!

The 'ghost' has been put back in the chicken coop, which was kind of sad. The last time the ghost was in their, I had Eva sat on my knee and she was pecking at it :(

The chickens don't seem too fussed about the ghost at all - although they do get excited about pumpkins. They like to destroy them!!

posted by Scarlet, 30 October 2007, 8:08pm

The Budapest holiday was such a fantastic birthday surprise and we had such an awesome time! It was cold, but the weather was nice and sunny right until we were on the way to the airport - then it chucked it down! :)

One thing i will say is that there were so many dishes over there that were foir gras, or goose liver, or veal...yack.

It was fun though, and we had no prolems finding vegan meals at all, so i was happy - haha!

posted by Scarlet, 9 October 2007, 5:04pm

Shopping at Tesco the other day i stopped to compare prices between eggs, and they are as follows:

"6 Tesco Value Eggs" - which are battery eggs - cost 62p

"6 Medium Barn Eggs" - also 62p

"6 Big And Fresh Eggs" - actually battery eggs - were £1.09

"6 Medium Free Range Eggs" - also £1.09

And finally "6 Large Free Range Eggs" - the most expensive - at £1.19

It really does show that there is minimal difference in price between battery and free range eggs.

I make out the difference between the cheapest battery eggs and the cheapest free range eggs to be 47p, which is nothing! And the 'Big And Fresh' battery eggs cost just as much as the free range eggs...

Come on people, think of the chickens! :)

Chicken Chapel!
posted by Scarlet, 26 September 2007, 4:09pm

Yes, that's right, somebody has built a chicken coop that actually resembles a chapel and has called it ... are you ready for this? ... The Chicken Chapel!

I think it's actually really well done - although the chicken crucifix is a little scary! I can't imagine how long it must have taken to build - our coop took about five hours, and it was already partly assembled :-D

Anyway, take a look if you want, here's the link:

(I would also like to thank my friend for sending me this amazing site!)

Passing on an appeal from the BHWT!
posted by Scarlet, 16 September 2007, 9:06pm

This just in from BHWT (the Battery Hen Welfare Trust) - aimed really at people in the Coventry area who want to help some ex-battery hens but you never know the power of the Internet!


We have a new Co-ordinator in the Coventry area who will be carrying out a hen collection next weekend – 22nd September 2007.

If you can offer a good home to some retiring ex-bats, please contact either Ian or Mollie on 07806 924 969. We currently have about 75 hens seeking caring homes that offer the opportunity for freedom, fresh air and free range facilities.

found the link! :)
posted by Scarlet, 29 August 2007, 12:16pm

Here's the link to a very long article about chicken, and the fact that it is now UNHEALTHY. This is a very interesting article whether you are against factory farming or not, hope you enjoy it :)


healthy chicken?
posted by Scarlet, 25 August 2007, 7:48pm

For years chicken has been thought of as a 'health food,' a nutritious and healthy meal, in fact one of the healthiest types of meat. That may have been true fifty years ago, but nowadays there is an entirely different story...

We were at a sandwhich shop today, and i noticed that on the napkins there was the calorie, fat and saturated fat contents of all the different types of sandwices. This will probably come as no surprise at all, but here's what they said...

Veggie Delite: 210 calories, 2.7 grams of fat, 1.0 of which saturates

Ham: 261 calories, 3.9 g's of fat, 1.4 of which saturates

Turkey Breast: 264 cals, 3.4 g's of fat, 1.2 of which saturates

Beef: 283 cals, 3.9 g's of fat, 1.6 of which saturates

Turkey Breast & Ham: 271 cals, , 3.8 g's of fat, 1.3 of which saturates

Chicken Breast: 304 cals, 5.2 g's of fat, 1.4 of which saturates

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: 364 cals, 5.0 g's of fat, 1.4 of which saturates.
As you can see, the vegetarian option is by far the healthiest, and both the options containing chicken are the ones containing the most calories, the most grams of fat and the most saturated fat.

I also had a link to a website comparing the fat content in today's chicken to that of chicken fifty years ago, but i've lost it...If i find it I'll be sure to post it :)

lab chickens?
posted by Scarlet, 10 August 2007, 9:15am


This is an article about scientists that have 'created' the first ever transgenic chickens.

The article states that the new technique "may make the squawking barnyard birds as easy to genetically manipulate" ....excuse me this is a good thing?

Messing with animals is just wrong, even if the results seem like a good thing...like cows that can produce skimmed milk. It's not natural, it's not good for the cows and, at the end of the day, i doubt it's very good for humand either...

The most important bit in the whole article: "...you should be able to get a quality protein for a whole lot less money." There you go folks, it's all about money!

See below for the article.

Tasty Chicklets
posted by Scarlet, 5 August 2007, 11:13am

Well, Milly's chicks are now in the boundary of 6 - 7 weeks old. This means that (if they were broiler chicks) they would now be the age for slaughter.

These chicks still say "cheep" instead of clucking like an adult hen; they still sleep under Milly at night so they can feel safe and warm. Milly gets them grubs when they are free-ranging together, she shows them how to dust bathe and teaches them that humans are friends, not enemies.

Broiler chicks never had a chance to meet their parents. They won't ever see sunlight until they are crammed into trucks and transported to the slaughterhouse. They won't get the chance to scratch in the sun, or scratch anywhere as the bedding material under their feet is thick and damp with chicken poo.

6 weeks old isn't much of a life for anyone. Especially when you spend it in a dark, damp cramped shed. You can help broiler chickens by choosing to eat meat that is organic and free-range. Or even better go veggie/vegan! Every little helps, though :)

For more info on broiler chicks, check the links page. Viva! has some fantastic info on broilers. Also, the scrapbook on the Chicken Factory page has some photos of broiler chicks on their way to slaughter, so feel free to look at that too.

Tilly, not again.....
posted by Scarlet, 4 August 2007, 11:00am

Well, our Tilly has gone broody yet again... *groan*

This is twice in two years, and last time she was broody she waited a whole TWO MONTHS for the unfertilized eggs to hatch before she finally realised that her dream to be a mother would never come true...

Now i think she is really jealous that Milly got to be a mum, and so she's trying again. We don't know whether to get any fertile eggs or not. Milly has certainly enjoyed been a mum (and she has been fantastic at it too) but then we would have to build yet another 'broody coop...'

I'll let you know how this progresses...

Just the right shape to snuggle!
posted by Scarlet, 2 August 2007, 5:41pm

For anyone who has ever cuddled a chicken, you will know exactly what i mean...chickens are like the ultimate cushion: warm, feathery, friendly and soft! Your left arm cuddles around their chest, and your right arm can be used to stroke the chicken or support the chicken if it is too lazy to stand up (Milly :-p ) !

Ugh, whilst we're on the subject of Milly she had a bit of a gruesome accident today. She was scratching about and somehow managed to snap off a bit of her back toe nail and seperate the nail from the skin...I saw the blood and panicked, heh, but i think i was more bothered about it than she was! It stopped bleeding and i told her to take it easy, i'm sure it'll be fine in no time :)

Also i have loads more statistics about how animals are reared, becoming veggie, battery hens and the history of farming. I might add a new page, just so the blog doesn't start getting messy...dunno, i'll think about it and let you know what happens ;-)

Veggie stats!!
posted by Scarlet, 10 July 2007, 5:58pm

I found a book in the library today called 'FOOD' and was flicking through it as a joke, and it actually has some really interesting information...See below:
Two acres of land can support -

* 61 people on a diet of soyabeans
* 24 people on a diet of wheat
* 10 people on a diet of maize
* and just 2 people on a diet of beef!!


40% of the world's cereals are fed to animals to produce meat when it could be used to feed humans in developing countries.


At the moment only 0.3% of farms in the UK are organic.


Animals raised for meat release 80 million tons of gas each year. Livestock accounts for 15 - 20 % of global methane emissions.


amount of water it takes to produce 1 kg of food
potatoes500 litres
wheat900 litres
broiler chickens3,500
beef cattle100,000

Hope some people found that interesting...I did :)

posted by Scarlet, 6 July 2007, 5:11pm

Bless you Eva, we'll never forget you :)

New links...
posted by Scarlet, 1 July 2007, 4:24pm

I am trying to link a site about chickens and the url to the UPC website in the Links page, but for some reason it won't let me...
I'll put them in this post, and then move them into the Links page when it is working again:

A useful site for keeping chickens - colourful, cute and an easy to understand layout.

And the United Poultry Concern site.

enjoy :)

PS. We have 3 new chickies hatched by Milly, who is a proud parent - visit hencam to watch them!

Milly & Eva
posted by Scarlet, 16 June 2007, 11:48am

First of all, if you head over to the hencam website (check "Links" page if you don't know the url by now!) then you will be able to see Milly sitting on her fertile eggs. Today is day 19, and the chicks are due to hatch on day 21. By now the chicks should be communicating (ie. cheeping) to each other and to Milly from inside the eggs.

If any chicks are going to be born early they might start pipping today!! Pipping is when the chick hacks at the egg shell and cuts it in half, and this can take from 8 hours to a whopping 48 hours!! I am so anxious i can't wait much longer...

Right, now onto the news about Eva. As you know she was our lovely ex-battery hen that was rescued from a Chicken Factory in the village next to ours. She was a gorgeous little hen and amazingly friendly, but sadly she passed away on the 29/12/06.

However, it is almost a year since we rescued her. We rescued her on the 6th July last year and brought her home and put her in a spare coop--in fact the same one that Milly is in now!

Anyway, i'm planning a little party in memory of her. Yes it's sad (sad as in the nerdy way!) but it's good fun and helps remember her. Cakes will be baked and given to the hens, and i shall waft a photo of Eva at them...and they will probably take no notice at all!!

But yes, R.I.P Eva.

posted by Scarlet, 2 June 2007, 1:20pm

Milly currently has some fertile eggs under her (six to be exact) and we're all just hoping things go okay...we did start off with seven, but one was accidentally smashed by Penny went she went up to the nest box to lay. As a result, Milly has been moved into her own little 'broody' coop.

We are now on day 5. Only another 16 days to go until they eggs hatch, hopefully, although we don't know how successful this batch will be. It is extremely rare that all eggs hatch successfully, usually a 50-75% survival rate is expected. Hopefully a few chicks will hatch...

As for the battery cage, sadly we will not be getting one. Although the UPC are giving them away for free, you do have to pay a shipping cost. In their newsletter it says $20-$40, but because we live so far away it would cost around £200 to get it shipped...somehow i don't think i'll be paying that much for a used battery cage :-o

New thing...
posted by Scarlet, 27 May 2007, 3:55pm

Okay, so you always hear me ranting about how small battery cages are...well, *hopefully* we will be getting some proof here at Hencam HQ.

United Poultry Concerns (UPC)are giving away used battery cages that have come from an abandoned battery farm. They have been washed, and hopefully we will be getting one.

We'll take some photos of Milly next to the battery cage so you can see how small they really are...and keep in mind that there are up to eight birds squeezed into one cage.

Many of you will remember Eva, the lovely ex-battery hen that lived with us for just over six months...well, a year of her life was probably spent in one of those cages...Please, peeps, don't buy battery eggs :)

I'm adding the UPC webiste to the Links page if you want to have a look!

Broody hen!
posted by Scarlet, 27 May 2007, 3:48pm

Well, last weekend we didn't get chance to go visit Lottie...I'm still not sure why, my dad just didn't go. And when i asked he couldn't come up with a reasonable excuse, so i think it was just laziness :-p

Also, Milly has gone broody and is refusing to leave the nest box. She is trying desperately to hatch her unfertile eggs, keeping up a fever so that the non-existant chicks stay warm enough. It's sad, but you never know...maybe we have bought some fertile eggs for her to hatch, just maybe ;-)

One last thing, the chocolate bars that turned their recipes non-veggie have switched back to a veggie recipe again, so they are SAFE TO EAT for all you veggies out there...I think it was nothing more than a publicity stunt, frankly.

Lottie :)
posted by Scarlet, 18 May 2007, 5:27pm

We're going to see Lottie this weekend up at the farm where she lives. She'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow, so it'll be interesting to see if she has grown at all.

Also, for anyone who is a vegetarian out there, in case you haven't heard a lot of chocolate bars that were previously vegetarian...are not anymore. There's a link to a website below for further details:
click here to read the article!

I love this quote especially:
"If the customer is an extremely strict vegetarian, then we are sorry the products are no longer suitable, but a less strict vegetarian should enjoy our chocolate"

'Less strict' ...Hmmm great terminology, Paul Goalby. *cough* idiot *cough* And also, who could call themselves a vegetarian when they eat something from the stomach lining of a calf?!?!

Lottie the shepherd!
posted by Scarlet, 8 May 2007, 10:23pm

I went to sit with the chickens in the coop today and, as usual, Lottie followed me in. Over the past few weeks the chickens have got used to her, and don't mind her sniffing round the coop.

Having her IN the coop, on the other hand, is a totally different matter...They HATE having her in there, especially when she goes to sniff them!

Today they seemed quite relaxed, and even let Lottie have a sniff around...then Lottie had to go and ruin it by sniffing at Penny. Penny (the most nervy chicken on the planet!) started flapping and clucking and that, of course, set Tilly and Milly off as well.

Somehow they managed to push the coop door open and escape into the garden. I thought it was going to take me hours to get them all to go back in, because chickens aren't as stupid as you think and are amazing at not going where you want them to!

I was just preparing on a chase round the garden, when Lottie walked up behind them and herded them all around the chicken coop, and then back in through the open door...I was amazed and sooo grateful!! So yeah, Lottie now thinks she is a shepherd, not a lamb, and is now going round headbutting everything...

Lamb and Exams!
posted by Scarlet, 7 May 2007, 11:32am

Still haven't got much chance to email people and update the site, so i apologise for that!

Lottie will be going back to her farm soon, next week probably, and once my exams are over and done with i'll be able to spend more time on the site. Which is good, because i haven't updated the chicken factory page for ages (sorry!)

Just dropping by to say that within the next few days a new video if Lottie should appear on YouTube, and this one features a small clip of Milly the chicken being chased by Lottie...very cute and funny, i'll try tell you when it' up :)

posted by Scarlet, 29 April 2007, 4:41pm

So, for the peeps that check out hencam, you will have heard that three weeks ago we were given a pet lamb to look after.

Lottie is a very sweet little girl, but she needs LOTS of time and energy devoted to her. She loves to be the centre of attention, and adores company. Consequently i am spending a lot of time out in the garden playing and sitting with her.

I haven't even had much chance to sit with the chickens, as Lottie insists on coming in the chicken coop with me...seeing as the girls are terrified of the lamb, this doesn't quite work out!

Sorry to those of you who have emailed, I will endeavour to email you back soon :)

All pages are back after the server move...
posted by Neil, 26 April 2007, 9:52pm

Sorry about the pages been unavailable recently - we had severe hosting issues with our last provider and had to move the website in an emergency procedure!

The new hosts are Exa Networks and are much friendlier and a lot more reliable!

Apologies for the downtime...

Chicken Factory
posted by Scarlet, 12 February 2007, 5:00pm

Walking past the factory the other day and crates of chickens were being moved into the factory...I wish i had had my camera with me. I was too far away to see if the chickens satcked in the crates were battery or broiler chickens, but i'm pretty sure they were battery hens because they had huge floppy combs, and from what i could see they weren't obese enough to be broiler chicks.

Anyway, they were in the crates by the wall waiting to be taken into the factory. It was a really cold day, snowing quite heavily. The chickens and the crates had snow falling on them, the poor chucks must have been freezing. I could only make out the hens in the top crate, so i called out to them and two out of about five looked round at me. I shouted again, but the others were either already dead or dying, possibly because it was so cold and they only had a few dirty white feathers. This is NOT how we should be treating chickens, or any animal. These chickens are treated like scum, and all to sell cheap eggs and meat to the public...

I'm thinking of maybe making a page of shops that do/don't use battery eggs, and products that contain battery eggs etc. Not buying battery eggs and replacing them with free range eggs does make a huge difference...Please check egg packaging carefully, as they often try and disguise battery eggs with names like "Farm Fresh." Scour the packaging, it will say 'eggs from caged birds' or something like that if they are battery eggs :-)

posted by Scarlet, 9 February 2007, 6:59pm

Milly has laid her first egg of the year, bless her, so she will be getting extra treats and cuddles tomorrow, hehe! Although i suppose Tilly and Penny do have the excuse that they are getting on a bit now. After all, they are three years old :-)

More exciting news: We also have a fair amount of snow over here!! Okay so it's only a few inches, but that's more than we've been getting. The roads are iced over already...pitty this couldn't have happened yesterday we might have got the last day of school off :-D Although, obviously, the chickens are less than impressed by the snow...I wonder what little Eva would have made of the snow? She never got to see any...

I might add a story to the Chicken Factory page, but i aren't sure yet. It's not fascinating information or anything, but it's quite sad. And i think that's all for now!

posted by Scarlet, 5 February 2007, 10:22pm

So, here it is again...another wave of media reports stating the dangers of Bird Flu.

So, this turkey farm in suffolk, Bernard Matthews to be exact... 160,000 turkeys have been killed. All of them were 8 weeks old or younger, still little babies. Here is a link to a site covering the story, please note the picture of an adult healthy turkey, supposedly one of those facing death at Bernard Matthews:


Here is another site, showing the reality of the lives and appearance of the turkeys kept at Bernard Matthews. Notice how young they are and, unlike the one in the other photo, they have white, scabby feathers:


Here, we are coping with the 'Bird Flu is Back' news rather well. The coop is still protected with plastic sheeting and a roof from the last 'Bird Flu Scare.'

Back then we were much more naive and thought the girls were actually at risk from bird flu, what with all the hype going round, but now we have come to realise that as long as they are kept seperate from wild birds there is only a minimal chance of infection.

Just waiting for this Bird Flu frenzy to die down now...

Eva's Story...
posted by Scarlet, 23 January 2007, 7:01pm

The 'Eva's Story' page has been updated to say that she has passed away, and the link to all her photos has been put in there as well. This is so that it won't get pushed down from the 'Blog' page.

It's so cold here, the chicken's water was all iced over this morning and we had to top it up with hot water. Then again at about half past four before the hens went to bed. It's definitely getting colder round here!

All we need now is the snow ;-)

Eva's Show
posted by Scarlet, 18 January 2007, 9:16pm

Here is a scrapblog/slideshow of all the photos taken of Eva, put into chronological order. I hope you enjoy the photos, the damn thing took ages to do, no lie! It may be a little slow loading, but oh well :-)

Click the link below:

Hope this works!! x

Info from the site-Link in links page!
posted by Scarlet, 10 January 2007, 11:08pm

Deceptive marketing on cartons of eggs produced by birds likely to have been confined in cages include:

*The claim, “animal-friendly”
*Images of hens outside on a green pasture
*Images of hens laying eggs in nests (caged birds are not provided space or materials for nesting)
*The claim, “certified animal care”
*The claim, “naturally raised hens”

In other words, not only is the egg industry cruelly confining hens in cages, it’s also deceiving consumers about that abuse.

Missing you Eva...
posted by Scarlet, 10 January 2007, 11:04pm

I found a really good site with some great information on it, I'll post the link tomorrow...sorry, it's just too late not everyone :-)

The girls are fine, and Milly is as snuggle-some as ever. I think we are all missing Eva, although Tilly is suffering the worst as she used to share food and protect Eva...And, of course, it just doesn't feel the same without a little brown hen pootling round the kitchen or the house...

Also, watch out on for a scrapblog of all the photos of Eva that we have :-) Well, some will be left out but only because they will be blurred etc...It shoul be ready within the next few days.

Happy New Year
posted by Scarlet, 1 January 2007, 1:34am

Well, the title says it all :)

Have A Happy And Prosperous New Year,


posted by Admin, 29 December 2006, 8:09pm

Just when we thought Eva had recovered from her illness, I went into the coop this morning to feed her and she was curled up in the sand pit, not moving. Milly was trying to get past me to scratch in the dirt, whereas Tilly and Penny were stood close to Eva.

Penny was staring at her and clucking, and Tilly was grooming her. Tis a sad day, but she has lived with us for a wonderful 6 months and has been a lovely little chicken.


posted 17 December 2006, 4:31pm

Had Eva out about 45 minutes ago, she ate lots of lettuce, a full slice of bread and some other nibbles. Eva and Milly then had a quick scratt around the garden before they went to bed...then i put Milly back because she was chasing Eva :-P

But yes, Eva has almost recovered from her illness now, still a little odd with food but she isn't being sick. She also looks a lot chunkier, and all her feathers are grown. She looks healthy, so i hope she actually is :-/

posted by Scarlet, 6 December 2006, 6:35pm

For the last few days Eva hasn't been acting like herself. She has been very quiet, standing in one spot and sleeping a lot. She keeps being sick and is doing lots of runny poos! <------- sorry if that's TMI!!

So, we have been making sure she is getting enough liquid..but she keeps drinking and drinking, and afterwards she is sick. I've been bringing her into the house and, today, she seems a lot better :-D

She ate a whole wheetabix, half a tomatoe, a leaf of lettuce AND she managed to drink a fair amount of water and kept it all down. So, hopefully, she is on the mend! She also had a good long nap on my knee before going outside to bed :-)

She seems a lot happier today, and i am happy that she managed to eat and drink something.

Really useful site
posted by Scarlet, 2 December 2006, 8:10pm


This is a fab site if you are after campaign material for better animal rights, an end to factory farming, or reasons to go Veggie/Vegan.

However, it is also good if you are trying to find information about how animals are kept, treated and killed in factory farms and slaughter houses. The link to the website is also in the links page.

posted by Scarlet, 30 November 2006, 10:30pm

The info is now in the battery hen section...enjoy :-P

More info...
posted by Scarlet, 30 November 2006, 10:10pm

I have found some useful info that DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) have on their website and picked out some of the most "yucky" [insert disturbing, sad and horrible here] comments on the treatment of farmed animals.

Am just trying to get them into some sort of order before i post them...may not get it done by tonight, however, will try add them tomorrow. I'm thinking of posting them on the battery hen page, but may start by posting them in the blog ;-)

An egg?! O_o
posted by Scarlet, 20 November 2006, 9:41pm

Well, on Saturday my auntie and uncle came over, and the chickens came out to see my little cousins (Milly and Eva did anyway!). They were both ever so good, and Eva even allowed herself to be stroked. She rarely lets strangers stroke her, especially children =)

Well, anyway, I had put Milly and Eva back in the coop and i went to check that the house was clean and, over in the far corner of the nest box, was an egg!! I closed the house and went round the other side to open up the next box. It was a perfect pale brown egg!!

Now, Milly, Tilly and Penny are almost definitely not laying, as they have just finished moulting and have just grown all their new feathers. I'm guessing that the egg must be from Eva, as she didn't moult because she was too busy trying to grow feathers to cover her bald patches. Now all her feathers have grown again, maybe she was giving us one last egg before she has a rest over the winter?

Anyway, just thought i'd share! :-P

Just Updates
posted by Scarlet, 9 November 2006, 4:49pm

Well, as you may have seen on hencam, the chickens have masacred the pumpkin that we put in for Halloween...there is a single strip of skin left, about 10cm long, and they have eaten the rest. Yes, they even ate the skin!!

Eva has a sprinkling of new feathers growing, covering the few remaining bald patches on her bottom, and Penny is still recovering from moulting. She's looking very thin and raggedy...it has taken her about twice as long to grow her feathers as Tilly and Milly!

The chickens didn't seem too bothered by the fireworks on Bonfire Night. I don't know about when they were in bed, but when they were down in the coop and a firework went off they rarely reacted; unless it was a loud rocket, when they jumped and did the danger call. But all in all, they weren't too bothered.

That's all for now, i think =)

posted by Scarlet, 28 October 2006, 4:01pm

I've finally managed to upload the pics, here are some random ones that don't fit anywhere else, click here to view them!

For other new photos, check out the following pages on the site:

*Eva's Story
*Chicken Factory of Doom
*Chicken Tips

And that's all for now, i guess! See you later x

Flying visit...
posted by Scarlet, 24 October 2006, 2:53pm


I am trying to get the pictures onto the site now, but i don't know if it will work...cross your fingers everybody! ;-)

It may take a while, but i would think that if the photos aren't on the site by seven o clock then i have failed miserably. I will put links to the scrapbook on the site, either in the blog or on a new page...to see the pictures, just click on the links.

****EnD oF uPdAtE****

Happy Birthday......to me 8-)
posted by Scarlet, 18 October 2006, 8:53pm

He he, yes it is my birthday everyone...w00t w00t! I know loads of people who share my birthday...it is scary X.x

But, also i have been having major problems with the site......Oh! And the other day i tried to get the photos on and it didn't work, lol (no surprise there then!). So, my dad says he has a website thing that will make an album with all the pictures, and we are going to try that. Who knows when he will do that though ;-)

All the chickens are fine, by the way. Eva's bald spot (well, bald bottom really...) has now been reduced to about the size of my palm...probably about two inches across. She has been busy growing feathers :-D

Oh, and Penny and Milly are moulting. Penny is at the bald-with-blue-spines stage, and Milly has just got her first bald spot. Because it is winter, and due to the fact that the girls are moulting and it is winter, they are laying us no eggs...naughty chucks, he he!

Speak to you all later...gotta try and get these dratted pictures to work! :-x

Very quick post!
posted by Scarlet, 9 October 2006, 11:10pm

***UpDaTe*** Photos coming on tomorrow night, people! As well as chicken factory ones i also have some quality photos of Eva and the other chickens 8-) ***EnD oF uPdAtE***

So, this week i have been totally bogged down with homework (joy!) but whilst i was working i have managed to come up with (what i hope to be) a fool proof plan to take photos of the chickens at the factory.

I just thought i'd tell you before i go to bed, seeing as it's pretty late here and i have school in the morning! But yes, if i remeber my camera tomorrow then i will try and carry out my 'fool proof' plan and i will hopefully have good quality photos to add to the website...

Wish me luck everyon! Goodnight!

Silly stories
posted by Scarlet, 29 September 2006, 10:39pm

Okay, so these past few days i have been ill which is why i haven't been updating the site/blog. On Wednesday i felt really sick, but i still forced myself to go to the chicken factory to try take photos...but there were no chickens. Today, i was walking home from school (without the camera) and what should drive past? A lorry full of chickens...they always drive past when i don't have a camera with me, it's not fair :-(

And this was at about half past three, which really confused me...I have sat there from three o clock till four o clock before, and there hasn't been a lorry. Is there not a schedule? Do the lorries just randomly turn up and dump the chickens? Or does it depend which battery farm the hens came from as to what time they are delivered? Hmmm, i have no idea...

Eva still has feathers growing on her bottom by the way-yay! They are all tufty and brown, bless her! Also, Milly and Eva were both sat on my lap yesterday, side-by-side. Milly didn't even try to peck Eva, and they both slept next to each other in the sun, which was nice.

Okay, last silly story for tonight...Milly was on my lap yesterday, and she was staring at me as she sometimes does...and then she burped in my face! And it smelt as well...yuck! So i said, "Milly, that is so rude!" And she acted really disgusted with me and flew down!!

Yes, i am tired now...my sleep pattern is still screwed up from being poorly, so goodnight everyone...

Egg Info
posted by Scarlet, 23 September 2006, 11:35pm

Hey, i just found this egg info that i had. It's slightly more acurate than the facts and figures on the Battery Hen page. I thought you might find it interesting ;-)

"The total number of eggs produced in the UK every year (source: DEFRA 2000 figures) number 8,940 million. The vast majority - 74 per cent - are produced intensively in 'battery hen' cages. Only 20 per cent are currently produced under 'Free-Range' systems and 6 per cent are produced in 'barn' systems. "

Banning battery cages: "Elliot Morley, Animal Welfare Minister, recently stated he was not convinced enriched cages had any real advantages over conventional barren cages and is calling for opinions as to whether the UK should follow Germany's example and go further than the EU directive by banning enriched cages too."

This is interesting: "Given the vast scale of egg production in the UK - the egg industry needs to produce around 27 million eggs a day to satisfy demand - it is not difficult to see why caged systems are generally preferred, given the sheer economic reality of the extra land, workforce and expertise required to run a well-managed free range system. "

That might keep ya busy/get you thinking :-)

General Update
posted by Scarlet, 23 September 2006, 2:56pm

Hi everyone, just thought i'd pop in and let you know what's going on :-)

Well, Eva's bottom is looking a lot better and, for about three or four days now, she has been growing about ten new feathers, although there could even be more that i didn't manage to count! The longest is about one and a half cm long, and still at the pointy spine stage, but i really hope these feathers last without getting pecked out! But yeah, so far they have lasted somewhere around four days, and they have never lasted that long before, so cross your fingers.

Also, for a few weeks now, i have been collecting chicken feathers from the coop. I have LOADS of Tilly feathers (because she is moulting), a few Penny feathers, no Milly feathers and one Eva feather. I've been collecting them because my dad was on about starting some kind of competition on Hencam, and giving out the chicken's feathers as rewards to runners-up, or whatever--but we can't think of any good ideas for a competition! If anyone has any ideas, feel free to email them :-P

Okay, that's all for now!

posted by Scarlet, 15 September 2006, 5:58pm

...for the lack of updates! I have just started school again and although i enjoy it (i actually enjoy school O__O ) i have had no time to post, so apologies ...Please forgive me :-P

About the photos...i have an amazingly clear photo of an empty lorry (and a pile of chicken giblets, yuck!) that i really want to post onto the site but i can't; because the photos won't upload onto the site, or whatever...i think there is something wrong with the camera, but my dad's too busy to check it out atm, so please be patient :-D

Tilly is covered in blue (!) spines that are about two centimetres long, so she is successfully growing her new feathers for the winter. Nobody else has started moulting yet, although Eva is trying to grow feathers on her bottom again.

Also, i get to leave school at one o clock once every week, and as soon as my lesson has finished i am rushing up to the chicken factory to try and get a photo of the hens, but i haven't managed to yet--will keep trying!

That's all for now, i'll talk to you later (TTYL!) Byeee!

Chicken Lead :-D
posted by Scarlet, 9 September 2006, 5:50pm

**UpDaTe** Just wanna say: Happy Birthday Dad! **E.O.U**

First of all: let me just apologise for the lack of photos; i have been busy shopping for 'chicken' harnesses today and trying to fit them, and tomorrow it is my dad's Birthday so i won't get chance to do it then...Try figure out how to upload them on Monday ;-)

The good news is that THE CHICKENS HAVE A LEAD!!!!!!!

As you can see i am very excited about that, although i think it will only be Milly who goes 'walkies,' or at least until Eva is fully-feathered so the leash doesn't rub on her bald bits!

Milly was so well-behaved when we were putting the lead on, she just sat there for a few minutes, watching and trying to peck at it, and then she actually started to fall asleep (!). We just let her wear it for a while, and the material round her wings kept slipping off, so we shall have to adjust that tomorrow. We're gonna wait until she is used to the harness before we attach the lead. But so far so good =)

And, on the Eva front, she is once again trying to grow feather's on her bottom. Penny and Tilly (especially Tilly!) are both moulting and growing new feathers, so hopefully they will be too busy watching their own feathers to peck out Eva's! That's all for now, will try and post tomorrow if i have chance. Byeee!

Chicken Factory News... :S
posted by Scarlet, 7 September 2006, 7:13pm

*UpDaTe* I found a website saying that chickens can wear harnesses made for ferrets/small cats, and the person's chickens wear them all the time and enjoy going walkies. I spent hours the other day searching the net for chicken harnesses, and all along it was right in front of me. The chickens, especially Milly, would love going ut the garden if i could get them trained on a lead, so maybe... ;-) *EnD oF uPdAtE*

It was so frustrating, the ONE time i go and there is a lorry...and i don't have the camera because i only went for a walk! It wasn't until i was walking back that i remembered there was a (very bad) camera on my phone. I went round the back of the factory where there's a hole in the wall, and i took a picture on my phone. Sadly you can't see/make anything out, but i'll put it on the chicken factory page anyway. {the pictures will hopefully be added later tonight--thanks dad!}

The chickens at the factory today were white, which i had never seen before, and this made their bald patches and bloody scabs stand out more. Even through the bright yellow crates i could see that these battery hens were in an even worse condition than Eva--far worse. Some were completely bald, and their skin was a horrible bright red colour. And, all the chickens had the tell-tale floppy comb that nearly all battery hens have.

About an hour later i walked past the factory again, after my walk, and i was horrified to see that the chickens were still in the crates. The crates were no longer on the back of the lorry, they were stacked on the ground. Some were trying to move, but couldn't because there were at least seven chickens in one crate. Others were so still they were probably dead. This is when i took the picture...it's just a shame you can't see the state of the chickens in it...you can only just make out the yellow crates, but i tried my hardest :(

Has anyone heard the story about Bernard Matthew's Factory where it is reported workers were 'playing baseball' with the turkeys?? This is a quote from a News article: "A spokesman for Bernard Matthews said: 'We welcome the decision of the court today. The welfare of our birds is of paramount importance to us.'"

Viva says otherwise, check this link out: http://www.viva.org.uk/campaigns/turkeys/turkeys-companyinfo.htm

Updates :-D
posted by Scarlet, 7 September 2006, 12:46am

Okay, so maybe we haven't got round to putting the pictures on or whatever tonight BUT...the font has changed (and looks much better!) and the Chicken Factory page has been updated, and actually has some information on it now--even if it has just been moved from another page!!

An update on Eva: the feather's on her belly are growing very well, and she's quite fuzzy down there now...her bottom, however, is still bald...the other chickens aren't giving her bottom-feathers any chance to grow! She's put on weight, and doesn't stand out as much anymore and, some VERY good news...her comb is now standing up perfectly straight on her head!! So, yeah, that took a while but it isn't flopped over any more...

Also, i am trying to teach Eva to 'jump' on command, even when i don't have food...all the chickens will jump for food (obviously, who wouldn't?!) but i want to see if i can train Eva to do it without food--she'd get a treat afterwards, but she wouldn't be jumping because she could see the food in my hand. I want to see if Eva is able to associate the word 'jump' with jumping...and then associate jumping with a reward! Hope that makes sense--i just want to see if she can learn something new, really.

They say "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," but can you teach a battery chicken new tricks?? We'll just have to wait and see...

Okay, update over, speak to you soon :0)

Changes to the site--tonight!!
posted by Scarlet, 6 September 2006, 8:28pm

Okay, so tonight is apparently the night when my dad is going to show me how to update the site and change everything. Hopefully, everything will be improved. I'm also thinking of changing the font, because it's a bit 'heavy' and difficult to read--and i want to make the pages wider as well so that it's not quite so...thin??

Anyway, i'm hoping that:-
* Photo's and video footage of Eva will be put onto the site
*The Chicken Factory page will be changed, and some info will be added.

Okay, so check up later tomorrow and hopefully everything will have been changed for the better ;-)

Changes To The Site =)
posted by Scarlet, 4 September 2006, 6:36pm

Right, i'm hoping to change the "Chicken Factory Of Doom Page" within the next few days, although hopefully sometime tonight. I'm moving the last four sections on the "About Battery Hens" page onto the Chicken Factory one, just because i think it makes more sense ;-)

Also, although i didn't get any pictures today, i have a few little stories that can go on there. Mainly about the unloading process, and just a little bit of background info about the factory. I'll also try post the pictures of the factory that i took a few weeks ago, although they aren't anything spectacular :-D

That's all for now, speak to you later.

Quick Update
posted by Scarlet, 31 August 2006, 1:39am

Nothing exciting, really...just to say that tomorrow i shall be at the chicken factory...my friend has agreed to come factory-spotting with me, so i may finally get some decent footage. Anybody who has been waiting for this eargerly...it's coming! Cross your fingers, okay??

Chickens are all doing good...And Tilly has been down in the coop almost all day today, which is really good news. Maybe she has finally broken the 'broody cycle' and has realised that the eggs won't hatch--it took her long enough ;-)

Eva's doing fine as well, nothing new to say about her really...i have some video footage that i want to try and upload onto the site, but i'm not sure if it will work. It's just a few clips of Eva coming when i call her name, just to show chickens aren't stupid, and prove that Eva is intelligent...she has learnt her new name and responds to it, even if i have no food--i'd say that's pretty damn smart and cute!!

Well, that's all...speak to you later :0)


Eva's feathers
posted by Scarlet, 30 August 2006, 1:36am

Okay, so we have good news and bad news regarding Eva's new feathers. Firstly, Eva *is* growing feathers on her belly and her bottom, which is good. She should be nice and furry in time for the winter, and she will look less...ugly. I know she's beautiful, but her baldness (!) seems to put some people off.

More good news: the feathers on Eva's belly are now round and about a centimetre long, and the ends are starting to turn brown and fluffy. She has around ten growing on her belly; the longest is almost finished, and the shortest is just a small spine.

The bad news: So...Eva was growing feathers on her bottom. Notice the past tense--Penny got curious as to what these new spiney things were, and pecked them all off :( So now she is bald again. One day Eva had three feathers growing, the next just half a feather growing...and then none. I was very upset, and i hope she can grow some feathers before the weather turns cold! Poor little Eva...

However, to end on a happy note, she ahs been acting a lot chirpier and friendlier recently, which is a good sign, and she has finally been accepted as 'one of the flock.' It's so lovely to look out the window, or look on hencam, and see them all snuggled down together :) And, in case you haven't noticed, her comb (the red bit on top of her head!) is no longer floppy, and is finally strong enough to stand up straight!!

Yes, well, that's enough for now, i think. Speak to you later everybody :-D

Funny stories, but nothing too serious :-D
posted by Scarlet, 29 August 2006, 5:12pm

If anyone likes to check out hencam.co.uk , you will know that Tilly has gone broody...well, seeing as i am off school, it is my job to run outside and rescue the eggs whenever she isn't sitting on them. I saw her down in the coop the other day, so i went to get the eggs and...Milly was up there, laying, and she was sitting on them all!!

I knew i had to get the eggs, because there were so many i could even see them with fat old Milly sat on them. I lifted Milly up so she was hovering above all the eggs and, with my free hand, i took out all the eggs from underneath her. She didn't seem to mind too much, just clucked a bit and watched what i was doing :P Bless her, bet she appreciated it afterwards...she had been sitting on ten eggs!!

will update again later, now that this thing works again :-D

Bye for now.

Photos...and Eva!
posted by Scarlet, 16 August 2006, 3:13pm

I got some photos of the chicken factory...but it is off the actual building, so i don't know if i'm going to post them or not. I will keep popping over to the factory though, to try and get some photos of the chickens...or video footage, that would be rather cool!

Eva is doing well, as are the other chickens. I'm not sure--so don't get excited--but i *think* she has some feathers growing on her belly. I was carrying her today, and i felt something prickly, but i couldn't hold her good enough to have a look...although her bottom is still bald!

Anyway, will keep you posted if there's any updates!

Random Updates =)
posted by Scarlet, 11 August 2006, 11:03pm

Also, i've had an email off a friend saying that there was trouble with the audio on the sight, and if anyone else has had any problems can you email me please? Not there's much i can do but...
*End of UpDaTe*

Okay, to start us off i'll tell you a short story about Eva, which i thought was quite amuzing.

I let her out of the coop today, which i always do, and she started to follow me up to the kitchen, where i'll give her some food and a drink. Today, however, because it was so windy, when she tried to follow me she was getting blasted sideways by the wind!!! It was so funny, and in the end i had to go pick her up and carry her inside!! Bless her, she is so small and weedy...although my mum thinks she's put on weight, which is good.

I have been going to the chicken factory almost every day and sitting there for around two hours...and so far, i have managed to get NO FOOTAGE!! Almost everytime i've been there has been an empty lorry driving away, so i've *just* missed the unloading process!

I stay on public land so i can't get prosecuted for trespassing, and i'm basically trying to get some footage of the chickens when they are in the trucks, because it's a horrible sight and the conditions of the birds is appalling.

I'm gonna keep on trying though, i'm sure i'll get something eventually...when i do i will post it on the sight, and then you will be able to see the conditions that Eva managed to escape from ;)


First Post
posted by Scarlet, 11 August 2006 11:31

This is the first post! Yay!