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Two Chickens In Need Of Good Home - 1 Girl, 1 Boy ~*VERY pretty!*~
posted by Scarlet, 24 November 2008, 8:01pm

How You Can Help

Help a hen!
Posted by Scarlet

Hmmm... okay, the single most important thing I guess you can do is to simply not buy battery eggs. The only reason that battery farms exist are because, quite simply, the eggs are cheaper, the meat is cheaper and so more people buy it.

Now, you need to check the packaging on eggs very carefully. Some eggs try to trick you, they call the eggs Farm Fresh or other misleading things like that. Check all egg boxes unless it states nice and clear Free Range Eggs - they're the best kind of eggs you can buy. On most battery egg boxes it will say From Caged Birds, or Battery Eggs, or something to that effect.

Also, when you go out for egg sarnies, or even just buying an egg sandwich from a shop, it's possibly battery eggs in there... there are pages on the web that will tell you which companies' products only contain battery-free eggs. You could try looking on the Viva website (see links page) because they are very useful for things like that, and you can email them with any questions.

You could also write a petition (or sign a petition, there’s plenty of online petitions against battery hens) to ask for battery cages to be banned. You could write one up, stating clearly that you think even the 'enriched' cages should be banned, and then send it off to someone important (I dunno, local MP or something I guess :p )

You could join or donate to organisations like Viva, or The Battery Hen Welfafre Trust. Or even, if you are thinking of buying some chickens for pets, get ex-battery hens, and give some 'spent' hens a happy life. It's up to you, but there's plenty of ways you can help - just researching about battery hens and telling people about the conditions they are kept in is helping to spread the word!