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Two Chickens In Need Of Good Home - 1 Girl, 1 Boy ~*VERY pretty!*~
posted by Scarlet, 24 November 2008, 8:01pm


Watch Eva, Milly, Tilly and Penny live, 24 hours a day!
Posted by Scarlet


This is my dad's site, and features our chickens, with a full live audio and video feed 24hrs a day. This is where you can watch Milly, Tilly and Penny going about their daily business! This is where Eva used to live :o)


An excellent website, with tonnes of information on battery chickens, broiler chickens and other animals raised for slaughter. Also very useful if you are going veggie/vegan ;-)


An on-line diary about the 5 ex-bat's Valerie accquired plus the three she already had. The pages are updated almost every day too!


A very useful site, with lots of information not only about battery hens, but on how to look after and adopt ex-battery hens as well. Check it out if you want!


An amazing site that has really useful information and horrifying photos of how the animals are kept and killed, please take a look.


Some fantastic information, photos, facts etc. about battery hens and their living conditions...Please check it out :)