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    • CommentTimeNov 28th, 2015 1:58am (Nov 28th 2015) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    This is the road that was flooded a week or so ago. The water has drained away now and there's thick boggy mud at the side of the road...look who loves plooping through it! Where's the itty bitty puppy that we had to carry over mud and puddles gone?!

     photo midnight_zpsxkgua9uc.jpg


     photo midnight1_zps2xlfqi7o.jpg

    I think she looks so young in this photo :smile:

     photo midnight2_zpsjnx5enax.jpg

    Off lead time!! Zoey's never been on this walk before, never mind off here she is on a completely new walk off lead!

     photo midnight3_zpsag2mtnqn.jpg

    And of course first thing she does is chomp on a stick :sarcastic:

     photo midnight5_zps8nwrri3n.jpg

    Even when the moon was behind clouds it was bright, but when the clouds parted it was like someone turning up a dimmer switch, it was incredible!

     photo midnight6_zps8ayepqgu.jpg

    It was whilst walking through this bog that Lyle discovered his welly had a hole :rolling:

     photo midnight7_zps6gibxpn1.jpg
    Recall face :)

     photo midnight8_zpszevdzcjs.jpg

    Testing all the new smells, she never goes too far away

     photo midnight9_zpsiiq49eyf.jpg
    • CommentTimeNov 28th, 2015 1:58am (Nov 28th 2015) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    Hey what's that she's rolling on?!

     photo midnight10_zpshevggn68.jpg

    Oh ******* wonderful, sheep bones...honestly if she had eaten them it could have caused serious sickness and possibly a fatal stomach blockage, and if Kasper had found them he would have eaten them no matter what we did...or resource guarded as we tried to get him away from them. I am sick to the back teeth of farmers not bothering to keep their livestock fenced, and then our dogs stumble across their's not on!
     photo midnight11_zpsg6f2hhrw.jpg

    Thankfully Zoey is a SUPERSTAR, and when we ran ahead (this is a great way to entice a dog from something exciting, and get them to follow you) calling her name she came almost immediately :smile:

    Patrolling up ahead!

     photo midnight12_zpsvccewuv4.jpg

    Where's the dog?!

     photo midnight13_zpswniluj3n.jpg

    This is what happens when you call "Hey Zooooooeeeeeey!" :smile:

     photo midnight14_zpsbue7djna.jpg


    She was racing about like crazy having the time of her life, it was so fun to see! It's so much nicer walking Zoey in the dark than the other two as she shows up so easily...Kasper's tough, but at least he has a white tail tip and chest, Raiden's impossible to see!

     photo midnight15_zpstkhjzo4w.jpg

    No matter how much fun she was having she always came immediately when I called, and she checked with us every 30 seconds when we didn't call her!
    :) :heartsabove:
     photo midnight16_zpsrmcaocus.jpg

    And here's the farm we walk past sometimes...when the winds were 50+mph a few weeks back part of the building was knocked down!

     photo midnight17_zpsgpb9bhgg.jpg