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    • CommentTimeMar 6th, 2016 3:51pm (Mar 6th 2016)

    Keeper of the hens

    I think I might have mentioned a few days ago that I had found a subscription box for rabbits...well, the first one arrived a few days ago, so I thought I would share the contents of the box and what I think of the company :bigsmile:

    The company (Barks and Bunnies) seem absolutely amazing from how I have dealt with them so far.

    Firstly I originally sent them an email explaining that my bunny was blind and deaf, and asking what you got in each box / would it be suitable for her. They replied saying that each box was totally random (sometimes you might get treats and toys, other times all treats, other times you might get one large toy etc. BUT they said if I added a note at the checkout I could say she was blind & deaf (so they could keep this in mind choosing the content) AND I could let them know toys that have worked for her so far / that I didn't think would work. How awesome!

    I was originally going to get the Classic box (which costs just £6.99) but when the Premium box was only £9.99 I opted for that. Another great thing about this subscription is YOU choose how often the boxes arrive in slots of two weeks - it's not just monthly. I originally had a box due every 6 weeks, but when we saw how awesome they were we changed it to every 4 weeks :rolling:

    So what's in a box?

    Well as I said, it can be a mix of treats and toys, and they are all super healthy and natural. For our first box we got a really cute, personalised letter too!
     photo barksandbunnies1_zps3vsyn0hp.jpg

    And here are the wonderful things we received!

     photo barksandbunnies2_zpsxvijab5g.jpg

    A large bag of Crisp 'n' Crunch celery snack, a large parsley bell, a large grassy carrot (chew toy) and some willow chew sticks.

    "Where are my goodies?"
     photo barksandbunnies9_zpsbzndjm3p.jpg

    Aubree LOVED the celery; she's actually a really picky rabbit and gets bored of food after just a few seconds, but she was happy to eat this until I stopped feeding her!

     photo barksandbunnies7_zps7my7vcsr.jpg

    "It's miiiine! See, my chin has been rubbed on it, it's miiiine!"

     photo barksandbunnies8_zpsgovzo48p.jpg
    Tastes soooo good :)

     photo barksandbunnies10_zpsxmhny48y.jpg

    Aubree also got to try the grassy carrot, which I've now hung from her cage bars...she started chewing this immediately and often goes over to throw it about!!

     photo barksandbunnies13_zpshwj9gxhb.jpg

    "Better chin rub it in case they try steal it..." :rolling:

     photo barksandbunnies15_zps89nqqsa6.jpg
    • CommentTimeMar 6th, 2016 3:53pm (Mar 6th 2016)

    Keeper of the hens

    I also hid the celery in her puzzle feeder, and she had great fun sifting it out!

     photo barksandbunnies14_zpsrbyuk9cr.jpg

    Most the other pets got to try the celery too...they all loved it other than the quail, who were a little suspicious :tooth:

     photo barksandbunnies17_zpsg58egkri.jpg

     photo barksandbunnies19_zpstsluvn3e.jpg

    I woke Effie up for some haha, but she thought it was worth it :smile:

     photo barksandbunnies20_zpspte373dw.jpg

     photo barksandbunnies21_zpsc679obdz.jpg

    Aubree hasn't tried her parsley bell yet, but I have no doubt she will love it when she does! I am thinking about buying some pet safe glue in so I can make something out of the chew sticks that will hang from the cage bars / can be stuffed with hay, but otherwise I know that the degus / chins will love them!!
    • CommentTimeMar 6th, 2016 11:47pm (Mar 6th 2016)
    What a great parcel and lovely personal touches from the company! I hope you'll email them the pictures and the feedback will be useful for them in future if they get more requests for deaf/blind bunnies.

    I don't understand the celery. It looks like grass?
    • CommentTimeMar 7th, 2016 11:21am (Mar 7th 2016)

    Keeper of the hens

    I sent them photos immediately haha :) The Crisp 'n' Crunch is 100% chopped and baked celery - you can really smell when you open the packet, it's got a very strong smell. It's not at all unpleasant but it reeks of celery :bigsmile:
    • CommentAuthornanny north
    • CommentTimeMar 8th, 2016 11:19am (Mar 8th 2016)
    awwe such lovely pictures. My bunnies adored celery but I always used to buy it fresh. Only problem is the thick long fibres used to come out whole with droppings attached and looked like a string of beads !!! Way round it is to cut it into chunks but My rabbits preferred it uncut. Just warning you !!!! They also used to loveparsely so much they would break into the veg garden just to eat it. Its so easy to grow either in a pot or the garden. You virtually just have to show the seed where to grow and Hey Presto. Mine regenerate themselves every year. Only thing is they hate being transplanted.
      CommentAuthorchief chicken
    • CommentTimeMar 8th, 2016 5:48pm (Mar 8th 2016)
    The boxes look excellent, Red - and really nice personal service too. Have you tried the dog boxes?
    • CommentTimeMar 8th, 2016 7:04pm (Mar 8th 2016)

    Keeper of the hens

    :rolling: That's so funny NN! It's cleaning out day so I'll have to keep an eye out for a pearl necklace of poos :rofl: That's funny I tried Aubree with some fresh parsley the other day and she loved it, I hadn't realised how easy it was to grow.

    I know CC, I can't wait for the next one!! No I haven't tried the dog boxes...partly because they are significantly more expensive (there is a £9.99 treat one but the toy ones are around £18 I think) but partly because we already have a lot of toys and you can't pick what you get in them! I think a lot of the toys wouldn't be very suitable for Kasper or would get broken quickly, whereas bunnies all generally have the same level of carnage :bigsmile: