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    • CommentAuthorchooksnpinkroses
    • CommentTimeSep 29th, 2016 3:36am (Sep 29th 2016) edited
    Have been off here for quite a while. I always have trouble negotiating this site and give up...
    Hope everyone has been well and all your chooks are too!

    We got another 4, 12 week old pullets 6 months ago and have had fun with them.
    I kept them in their hen house (HH) for a day or so and let them out... Only this week they have finally all decided that sleeping in the big house is better than in the tree! One of them worked out going to bed in the HH a few months ago. Prior to that, every night I had to move them one by one to the HH after dark. The only time they ever went in on their own was if it was pouring rain...
    Another funny thing one of them does is, she decided she wanted a new more private place to lay. Must have been bothered by others once too often... Took me 3 days to find her new spot. It's in our covered porch/pergola area NOT in the backyard... We have a 6' outer gate/fence and a 4.5' inner gate/fence to keep the chooks in the yard and out of our pergola and garage etc.
    One week I noticed I was getting one less egg and wondered why. None of them was ill... Looked high and low for where she had found to lay her egg and finally on the third day found the spot. She flies up onto the fence, jumps down and goes into the pergola behind one of my planter pots, lays her egg and flies back up to the fence and hops back down and continues about her normal business. My hubby has seen her get in/out of the yard. He's often up pretty early and I am not usually...
    Apart from that all is good with our chooks...
    We are planning on reclaiming some of the yard back soon, so we can grow vegies more easily and take the cages off the plants that they eat down too quickly. They would likely kill the comfrey if I didn't keep it caged, by eating it to death. I uncover it every now and then for a day... I have several lots of comfrey growing.. It was meant to be for the compost, but the chooks love it so much I rarely get to put any in the compost bin these days... It doesn't seem to hurt the chooks. :face-smile:
      CommentAuthorchief chicken
    • CommentTimeSep 29th, 2016 5:31pm (Sep 29th 2016)
    Hello, Chooks...what sort of trouble do you have negotiating the site? I bet Red or Neil could sort you out.
    I had a hen who hid her eggs; I thought she was just a late developer - or even a non-layer - when I discovered a pile of 17 eggs in the Forbidden Corner which I had fondly imagined to be securely Off Limits! She did exactly as your girl did, hurdling the fence.
    The hens like comfrey, then? I don't suppose it hurts now and then - lucky girls!
    Good to have you back - get someone to help you with the site problems and we'll see you more often!:face-smile:
    • CommentAuthornanny north
    • CommentTimeSep 29th, 2016 8:32pm (Sep 29th 2016) edited
    Hi Chooks.. So nice to have such a lovely newsy post from you.
    I too have just got back on site after a bit of time away. I had my Granddaughter for the whole summer holidays seven weeks in total so was really busy as she is just coming up for five. Bless her she is such a good little girl and tries to help me all the time. We had a great deal of fun and did every thing from crab fishing to motor racing. Plus plenty of picnics, midnight feasts and snack fests. I so miss her now she is back home again.
    Been busy these last few weeks catching up on house and garden jobs done a fair bit of decluttering and such.
    Hens are so funny they all have such different personalities and little habits. I sure do miss mine all though the garden stays a lot tidier these days with out their help. I must plant some bulbs this autumn as I will have no one to dig them all up again!!
    • CommentTimeSep 29th, 2016 11:29pm (Sep 29th 2016)
    And to think they're referred to as 'bird brains'! Seems they're very clever to me!

    Grandkids are such fun aren't they NN, and it sounds like you're a fantastic grandma too!