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    • CommentTimeAug 15th, 2017 1:41pm (Aug 15th 2017) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    This is the email I've just sent BBC Watchdog - they also covered this horrible company.

    I've just watched your report on Servicing Stop and I'm emailing to let you know of my recent experience with them - I actually fear that your excellent report only scratches the surface regarding their bad practices.

    I have a modest car (a smart Roadster) - it is (was) my pride and joy - I've owned it for 7 years and love it's quirky looks and sportiness. I always had it serviced by a well-known smart independent mechanic but he injured his arm earlier this year so said he wasn't able to carry it out.

    So I booked my car with Servicing Stop - the prices looked good and the convenience of having the car picked up and dropped of after was great - I'd started a new job 20 miles from home so didn't know the area.

    The service was on the 2nd June, it was picked up in the morning and alarm bells rung when a colleague came into the office and said he'd just seen my car "ragged" along the road flat out.

    That evening I didn't get a call to say my car was ready, so I phoned the garage who after hearing which car I was enquiring after, abruptly said they were with a customer and I'd get a call back, then hung up.

    A few minutes later a Servicing Stop representative rang and apologised as there had been a "slight accident" and my car had rolled backwards into a post and had a damaged bumper. This left me stranded 20 miles from home. After complaining and an hour's wait, a courtesy car was dropped off (which was a completely battered old Ford Mondeo with 176000 miles on the clock, a huge crack in the windscreen and the check engine light on.

    I "enjoyed" this car for the next week whilst I tried to obtain pictures of the damage to my car and also updates on when it would be repaired - neither the garage or Servicing Stop were very helpful. The garage promised CCTV footage, but it was never supplied.

    A whole week after my car went in for it's same-day service, I received a phone call, and the Servicing Stop representative rang to say my car was ready, and that I just needed to pay (full price) for the service, and also tried to sell me the brake fluid flush, fuel filter, coolant change and fuel additive! I told them there was no way I would trust that garage to do anything to my car and that I just wanted it back - and that I'd had a trusted local garage only a few weeks ago fit a new thermostat so I knew the coolant was fine!

    They had to have a manager phone back and they agreed to drop all charges for the service. I thought my nightmare was finally over.

    The car was dropped off Friday evening - the driver said it was all "as good as new" - when I went out to check it, I was completely shocked and appalled at the state my beloved car was in.

    The rear bumper was creased, there were still scratches, cracks and areas of filler on it - and the final cherry on the cake was they'd used a silver wood screw to hold it in place!!

    I immediately contacted Servicing Stop and they requested an email with pictures of proof of the damage, which I duly sent.

    I also contacted the CAB to find out the best process to follow, and was advised to try and resolve this initially with SS - which seemed to be going ok as they were trying to find another garage to repair the car, and they apologised and offered a free MOT etc etc.

    Eventually though this contact fizzled out and my deadline passed by. The CAB advised to try with the europa ODR process so I filled in all the forms and submitted an ODR request (as Servicing Stop themselves are signed up to this scheme, I had high hopes).

    Although they accepted the claim straight away, they did not reply or attempt to resolve this and 30 days later this also expired (which makes you wonder what the whole ODR process is for if it can be simply ignored).

    Frustrated I left a truthful but bad review on Trustpilot. I was somewhat surprised when I received an email from Trustpilot shortly after saying they'd removed my review as SS denied I was ever their customer! This incensed me as it's quite a clever way of skewing reviews - I immediately provided proof but it was several days before Trustpilot reinstated my review - by which time several pages of suspiciously glowing reviews had been added (as well as many others complaining they'd had negative reviews removed). So SS can hide negative reviews for several days and then "bury" them by disputing any bad review.
    As well as the cosmetic damage, I've since found that during the poor repair job, they left my rear wiring loom dangling, so it's melted on the hot exhaust. This has shorted the wiring which posed a fire risk, but has also left my car a future MOT failure as the registration plate lights no longer work.

    On the 8th August I initiated a Small Claims against the company. I haven't heard anything back yet.

    I've never received such shoddy service and utter contempt from a company as I have with Servicing Stop - they seem to think that if they ignore you long enough you'll give up.

    It sounds stupid but I really loved that little car, and now every time I see it I'm reminded of how they don't give a damn about their customers. It's so bad, I'm actually looking at buying a new car.


      CommentAuthorchief chicken
    • CommentTimeAug 15th, 2017 3:48pm (Aug 15th 2017)
    Would a no-win-no-fee take it on, Neil? What a bunch of sods - I hopw Watchdog do 'em up like a kipper, useless gits.
    • CommentAuthorLynnW
    • CommentTimeAug 16th, 2017 7:24am (Aug 16th 2017)
    Oh wow, Neil..What a crap company you got involved with when you went to Servicing Stop!!!
    • CommentTimeAug 17th, 2017 8:14pm (Aug 17th 2017)
    What a dreadful experience!! I wonder who owns the company - there's usually a big company behind these shoddy set ups that are often just a front to make a quick buck. In a year or so they'll be rebranded to hide this crap company.