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If you are interested in knitting jumpers for hens, click here!
Want to help...? It doesn't need to cost you anything!

    • CommentTimeFeb 10th, 2016 9:52pm (Feb 10th 2016) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    So...the cockerel is attacking the jumpers, or is he attacking the hens themselves when they are wearing the jumpers? Or is he just attacking the hens full stop since they wore the jumpers?

    I have a few thoughts, but most of them come from a dog training perspective. Still, something might be useful :smile:

    Firstly what colours are your jumpers? The colour red is very enticing to chickens (it's why if a chicken has a wound that is bloody s/he should be segregated because the others will likely peck and peck at her) so I was wondering if the jumpers were red or a similar colour to red.

    When a dog doesn't like the sensation of wearing a coat, sometimes pairing it up with a really awesome thing can help them feel more confident in it and change their emotional response to seeing / wearing the coat. Chickens are the same. It's possible that putting the jumper on and then immediately feeding the girls their favourite treat (eg. yoghurt, grapes, whatever), then taking the jumpers off and removing their treats, COULD help them see the coats as a positive...coat = tasty treats, coat off = end of treats!

    Are the Black Rocks friendly / tame? Do they mind putting the jumper on?

    Just like dogs some chickens are more touch sensitive than others, and especially if they're older and have never worn a jumper before, it is gonna be weird for them. With dogs that didn't like wearing something / were touch sensitive, you would spend a long time very, very slowly teaching them to be happy putting a coat / harness / jumper'd break the procedure down into tiny steps (eg. dog gets a treat for walking near the coat when it is on the floor, dog gets a treat for touching coat with their nose, dog gets a treat for putting nose up to the hole their head needs to go through etc) - whilst this is very very time consuming, it can be done with chickens too...if you really wanted :rolling:

    Part of the reason they might dislike the coat could also be that it rides up or is uncomfortable, too. Do they have new feather growth it might rub against?

    I'm not really sure I can think of any suggestions...I know nothing about knitting so can't think up any alteration ideas.
    :welcome: to the forum though!
    • CommentAuthornanny north
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th, 2016 12:16pm (Feb 11th 2016)
    Hi there Mother Hen and welcome, you got some really good advice there and I got nothing else to add, I just do the knitting of them. I haven't ever used them. I did use Goldie as a model but she was extremely tame and a very intelligent bird and loved attention.
    • CommentAuthorRed-Hen
    • CommentTimeJun 17th, 2016 2:11pm (Jun 17th 2016)
    Hi guys :) self taught knitter here and I'm just wondering about a part of the pattern Dec. I st at each end on every following 6th row until 25 sts remain, keeping edges in garter stitch.
    So I decrease one stitch each end every 6th row? And keeping edges garter stitch means I keep my knit stitch in a line?