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    • CommentAuthorjoannec
    • CommentTimeMay 30th, 2010 9:48pm (May 30th 2010)
    Hi Its me Again

    Please can you help.

    Goldie has been in a strange mood all day, not really looking/acting like herself. She has been drinking loads, standing in the same place not really wanting to go to bed. I offered her some cat food which she ate, cucumber and lettuce which she normally loves she wasnt interested in. When it came to bed time i went out and checked on her and she had taken herself off to the greenhouse i picked her up and carried her to bed but she got up again and went straight to her water bowl, she is living in a rabbit hutch in the garage at them moment (rabbit hutch her choice) garage because foxes are rife at the moment and im scared becuase they got florence (rabbit) just before christmas. I put the water bowl in the garage for her closed the door and left her to it. I went and checked on her a hour ago and she is in bed but standing and looks a little uncomfortable. When i picker her up i noticed she was leaking clear fluid from her bum area????? what do u think is wrong, her comb is still red and hasnt dropped, could it be her kidneys?????

    Any help much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    • CommentTimeMay 30th, 2010 10:38pm (May 30th 2010)

    Keeper of the hens

    Hiya Jo, so sorry to hear about Goldie :sad:

    If i remember rightly, Goldie hasn't been laying eggs has she? Could she have possibly tried to lay an egg recently, and has become egg bound? Can you feel an egg anywhere (either by checking her vent, or feeling her belly area for any 'lumps')? I only ask because it could be she was egg bound and the egg has smashed inside her, hence the fluid...?

    Also, what are her poops like?

    As for the drinking lots, I'm really not sure. Just before Eva died she was drinking almost constantly (so much that I had to confiscate the water bowl), and she would 'spit up' little globs of thick water...I would suggest a vet visit for Goldie ASAP.

    Try feeding her cat food and activated yoghurt (keep trying to get her to eat) and add either apple cider vinegar (one spoonful per litre should be enough) or add sugar to her water...I'm not sure which would be more beneficial in her case, but sugar is good for boosting a hens' energy and is used as a pick-me-up for newly bought hens or just-hatched chicks which are a bit weak and vulnerable.

    Good luck with Goldie and I hope she gets better soon :heart:
    • CommentAuthorjoannec
    • CommentTimeMay 30th, 2010 10:49pm (May 30th 2010)
    thank you for your comments, i will check on her in the morning to see how she is getting on (fingers crossed she is still with me). Her poo has been really runny recently and ive noticed there is more white in it (im thinking the white bit is her wee). Ive got plenty of cat food and some natural yoghurt which i will try and get her to eat tomorrow, as for the vets im gonna be kind of stuck they only really know about domestic pets like dogs and cats as ive already asked the question they said they are more than willing to look at her but thats about it????

    I will let you know tomorrow on what she is like.

    Thank you again and the egg bound thing is kinda haunting me as i lost specs (her sister) in July last year.

    Everything crossed. Thankyou again xxx
    • CommentTimeMay 30th, 2010 10:52pm (May 30th 2010) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    Aw Jo I really hope she picks up :sad: :bighug:

    You could try worming her, as well, if she hasn't been wormed in a while...

    Have you had a look at the poo link? It could help shed some ideas...Poo link, click here!
    • CommentAuthorleevaux
    • CommentTimeMay 31st, 2010 7:48am (May 31st 2010)
    Thinking of you joannec this is the sad thing we have to go through for are beloved Pets I do hope she will be OK.
    • CommentAuthorjoannec
    • CommentTimeMay 31st, 2010 8:37pm (May 31st 2010)
    Hi All

    Thanks for your concern. The poo link was really useful thankyou.

    I swear Goldie has nine lives, i went in this morning thinking that she would no longer be with me and sure as eggs is eggs she came out and had some water and some cat food, she wouldnt touch the yoghurt though.

    I took a look in her nest box and she had done a poo in the night and it contained an egg sack mixed in with her poo, i know this sounds disgusting but i think she could have been egg bound but managed to pass it?

    She has picked up throughout the day and was happily bocking and pecking around by mid afternoon.

    I know i will not have her forever but am so grateful she has managed to pull through this time.

    Thank you all xxxxxxxxx
    • CommentTimeMay 31st, 2010 9:28pm (May 31st 2010)
    That is such a relief Jo, I'm glad she is so much better today.

    Would it be worth calling around some other vets and seeing if they have any experience with chickens? I saw 5 vets before I finally found one (a 40 min drive away) who had any idea about rats - sadly a lot of vets see no value in anything other than dogs, cats and rabbits so it can be trial and error. Or ask if they can recommend a vet that would know? Or (I know, I'm going on a bit now!) would a local egg production farm have a vet they could suggest?
    • CommentAuthorjoannec
    • CommentTimeMay 31st, 2010 9:50pm (May 31st 2010)
    thanks kateb good call thats worth a shout, i used to keep rats also, fab pets xxxxxxxx
    • CommentTimeJun 1st, 2010 1:24am (Jun 1st 2010)

    Keeper of the hens

    Yes, it sounds like she was egg bound. You need to watch that she has managed to pass everything that is inside her. Mix a little veg / olive oil in with whatever she will eat, and keep checking she is acting okay and is passing eggs.

    So glad she has perked up!! :bigsmile:
    • CommentAuthorvolka
    • CommentTimeJun 1st, 2010 6:03pm (Jun 1st 2010)
    Glad to hear your chicken has perked up but I, like Red, would be a bit concerned about remnants left inside. It sounds like it was a soft shell but then why would it have stuck? We lost Ruby to broken egg shell inside when she got egg bound. Lots of olive oil. If she doesn't like the yoghurt (I have 3 hens that won't touch it), try some watery porridge. Vx

    PS: our news hens will probably start to lay in a few weeks - that will be a tense time. Won't be relaxed until they all manage to get one out without incident.
    • CommentTimeJun 1st, 2010 10:31pm (Jun 1st 2010)
    As a non-hen owner, I don't understand why an egg that breaks inside a hen can kill it. Is it because it doesn't pass so goes 'bad' inside the hen and causes infection? Why doesn't it pass out or get pushed out by the next egg along? Does a warm bath help because the water flows into the vent and washes it out?
    • CommentTimeJun 1st, 2010 11:27pm (Jun 1st 2010)

    Keeper of the hens

    Yes the eggs go bad inside the hen, which can cause infection, blood poisoning (this is what Libby died to), block other eggs that need to be laid causing more severe egg binding, more pain and bringing about an even swifter death...

    Warm baths help as they encourage the hens' muscles to relax and let the egg to pass through, but they're generally only thought to be helpful in 'whole' eggs as oppose to broken eggs (but it's worth trying no matter what, really). Vegetable oil, on the other hand, can be used for both just to lubricate the vent and let anything pass easier.

    Hope this helps :smile:
    • CommentAuthorvolka
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd, 2010 10:03am (Jun 2nd 2010)
    if the shell is broken inside the hen, the sharp edges can tear the tract lining leaving it open to infection. Septicemia (blood poisoning) sets in and your hen will die of toxic shock. If you find a hen stretched out flat on its back, that would be the likely cause of death. Horrid but unfortunately a fact of life.
    • CommentAuthorjoannec
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd, 2010 9:46pm (Jun 2nd 2010)
    Hi Guys

    Deffo sounds like she was egg bound doesnt it even though the little mare has stopped laying. These things are set to try us i guess.

    As im aware the eggs come out semi soft and then harden within seconds of hitting the air?? please correct me if im wrong?

    My first hen died of this in my arms, she had 2 what i can only describe as fits and then died, she was fine earlier in the day.

    From previous research i have found that it is poison that kills them from the egg breaking inside, not nice but very common.

    Goldline is back to her normal self waiting at the back door for cat food and being a general pain in the bum to all pigeons and crows that try to land in the garden.

    I knew i could rely on you lot to help me and give me advice.

    Thanks again so much and i will keep you posted. Chickens are amazing pets and full of character but no more for me i get to upset.

    Loads of love to you all.

    Me xxxxxx
    • CommentAuthorleevaux
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd, 2010 10:10pm (Jun 2nd 2010)
    Its defiantly worth the upset Jo they are so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd, 2010 11:12pm (Jun 2nd 2010)
    Thanks for all that info and yes, it helps me to understand. Septicaemia is such a quick killer - that's usually what kills people who have meningitis (that's what the rash is). It seems to happen so often to hens - very sad.

    I understand what you mean Joanne, I'm the same with rats. Wonderful pets but such short lives its heartbreaking.
    • CommentTimeJun 21st, 2010 3:53pm (Jun 21st 2010) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    Posted By: joannecHi Guys

    Deffo sounds like she was egg bound doesnt it even though the little mare has stopped laying. These things are set to try us i guess.

    As im aware the eggs come out semi soft and then harden within seconds of hitting the air?? please correct me if im wrong?

    If she wasn't feeling well it definitely could cause her to stop laying for a bit.

    The shell is the last thing to form on an egg inside the hen, which is why if a hen is scared during this time you can get all sorts of strange and wonderful patterns, blotches, bumps etc etc.

    If the hen lays before the shell has formed (or gets a huge shock before the shell has formed or maybe is just out of practice, when coming into and going out of lay), then you get the soft shelled eggs.

    They don't magically harden in air, though it would be better for the hen probably if they did! :)

    I found some cool info on eggs:

    Wild chickens are forest animals. They live in small groups called flocks. They scratch in the dirt and forage for things to eat. While one hen sits on the nest to lay, the group may wander away through the undergrowth searching for food. The hen's cackle serves to renew the contact with the group as if to yell "where are you?". The cock (with the other hens) answers "here we are!".

    (though I prefer that they are just shouting "big egg! big big big eeeegg!")

    How an egg is formed:

    The egg actually starts as a yolk, which is correctly called an oocyte at this point, and is produced by the hen during ovulation, which happens almost every day, depending on the breed of hen, her age, and season.

    Hens produce eggs whether or not roosters (males) are present, the rooster only fertilizes the egg, so if no rooster is present the egg grows but will not be fertile. If the hen was bred she would have the sperm inside her oviduct and fertilization would occur. The Germinal Disc is a spot on the side of the yolk and is what would grow into the chick if the egg is fertilized.

    As the yolk passes down through the spiraling oviduct it twists and thin strands called chalazae form. The chalaze hold the yolk in place, anchoring it to either end of the egg.

    The egg shell itself forms last, then gets its “bloom” a thin coating which helps it pass through the cloaca smoothly, just before the egg is laid.