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    • CommentTimeMar 3rd, 2011 1:34pm (Mar 3rd 2011)

    Keeper of the hens

    I just posted on Facebook about how disgusted I was with the British Heart Foundation's latest adverts, which show a talking zebrafish who is asking the viewer for donations to help fund him helping scientists unlock the zebrafish's ability to mend it's own heart.

    Whilst this sounds like a worthwhile cause, it's actually asking you to fund ANIMAL TESTING. The BHF are basically putting a happy face on animal cruelty.

    I just googled it and came across the British Heartless Foundation website which exposes the BHF's part in the huge area of vivisection, animal cruelty and testing.
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd, 2011 1:54pm (Mar 3rd 2011) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    Gruesome. That's really shocking.

    I just google'd cancer research and they test on much have we raised for them over the years?

    Scroll down on this website, it lists all the charities and their status.
      CommentAuthorchief chicken
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd, 2011 6:39pm (Mar 3rd 2011)
    I've always refused to donate to research campaigns, I'm afraid, for that very reason. i give to cancer relief organisations instead.
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd, 2011 8:45pm (Mar 3rd 2011)
    Likewise CC. I would rather give to animal charities. If I give to a human health one its something like MacMillan. The research charities have always been big vivisectionists, even back when I was in school (and was an ardent anti-v). I've never understood why humans think they are so important that they should survive at the expense of weaker species.
    • CommentAuthorShobhna
    • CommentTimeMar 4th, 2011 1:47pm (Mar 4th 2011)
    Gosh !! I never knew that. This should be making the news because I doubt many people are aware of this. I am going to think twice before I donate.
      CommentAuthorchief chicken
    • CommentTimeMar 4th, 2011 6:53pm (Mar 4th 2011)
    Almost anything with 'research' in its name will involve vivisection. Horrid but true.