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    • CommentAuthorfelicity1980
    • CommentTimeJun 17th, 2011 9:52pm (Jun 17th 2011)
    My new ex-bat who I have had a week now is practically bald and when i went to check on her today i notice she was straining really badly. I watched her for awhile to see if it would pass however it didnt so i popped her in some warm water and tried to move things along and sat with her for half an hour however she was still straining to the point where she was bleeding. In the end I had to feel around inside and felt that the egg was covered in a thick skin and didnt want to go anywhere. I then squirted a little vegetable oil around it and when she pushed I helped squeeze it out. She stilll kept straining even though the egg was out and her bottom didnt spring back into shape and looks very crusty as I think her poop has been sticking to her for a while. I popped her back outside however she went into the corner and went straight to sleep. I am hoping she is just exhausted from all the straining. Im on my 3rd lot of ex-bats and never had this before, I have popped her in bed now and she didnt even open her eyes when I picked her up...Im hoping she pulls through but how do i prevent this from happening again and is there anything I can do tpo make her feel better. I have made sure she is cosy and warm but not sure what else to do? :face-sad:
    • CommentTimeJun 17th, 2011 10:23pm (Jun 17th 2011)
    I'm sorry she's having problems Felicity. I'm afraid I can't add anything useful as I don't have any hens myself, but it sounds like you've pretty much covered everything already from what I've read. I am sure one of the members who has chickens will be here soon and offer you some useful advice. Welcome to the forum!
    • CommentTimeJun 17th, 2011 10:32pm (Jun 17th 2011) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    Sorry I didn't see your post earlier Felicity - :welcome: to the forum, and I'm sorry your ex-bat is egg bound.

    That's great that she got the egg out. There's a few possibilities as to why she's still acting odd; shock, the possibility of another egg (it's quite common), or some internal damage.

    You did everything right, and are correct that it's a good idea to keep her warm and comfy. Some people recommend keeping a chicken who's ill inside, in a dim, quiet room, confined to a small area. That might be something worth thinking about. I'd add sugar OR apple cider vinegar to the water - ACV acts as a good pick me up and is good for the bacteria in the stomach, sugar might be a better idea as it helps poorly or stressed hens.

    I'm not sure what else to suggest really. Keep an eye on her. To be honest I'd probably want to take her to the vets fairly swiftly, for a few reasons: we lost one of our hens because she was egg bound, there might be another egg up there (can you feel a hard lump on her stomach / near her vent?), possibly bunged up bottom, and the bleeding worries me slightly.

    Try phoning up your local vets and asking them if they have any experience or training with chickens - farm vets can sometimes be more experienced, but a lot of vets will be worse than useless with chickens uncertainly! Ask around, if there are no vets that have any experience, ask them to recommend some.

    As for what causes egg binding, there's no certain answer there. There are no certain causes but a few possible factors, such as a hen being overweight, genetically pre-disposed to the condition (does that make sense?), stress...

    The best thing you can do for an egg bound hen is exactly what you've already done; warm bath, lubricate the vent, keep the hen quiet and calm (where possible!), and sometimes plain yoghurt and things added to the water can help.

    I hope this helps and makes sense, wishing your girl all the best.