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    • CommentAuthorboohill
    • CommentTimeJul 28th, 2011 6:51pm (Jul 28th 2011)
    Help!!! Have just bought two new chickens yesterday and tried to introduce them to to my one year old copperblck and she is attacking both of them . Will it calm down as I don't like to see the others getting pecked . I'm very stressed by it all . Please please help :face-crying:
    • CommentAuthorleevaux
    • CommentTimeJul 28th, 2011 9:44pm (Jul 28th 2011)
    Hi Boohill the behaver you are experiencing is very normal although not nice to see and is stressful i have just recently introduced 4 new Hens to my existing 4 Hens and there was lots of noise and nasty fighting but i made sure i was around to referee the situation if it got out of hand within the next 5 days it will calm down i promise do they sleep together at night ?
    • CommentTimeJul 29th, 2011 10:41am (Jul 29th 2011) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    :welcome: to the forum

    Ugh introducing new hens to others is always horrible...

    Usually it's best to just leave them to it...make sure the newbies have enough room to run away from your old hen, and add additional food and water bowls. You can separate the garden / run with wire mesh and have the new hens on one side and the old hen on the other, so they can see and hear each other but can't get to each other. Do this for about a week, letting them mix for fifteen minutes, supervised, then build it up. A lot of people believe it's easier to introduce them at night, then let them wake up and start the day together.

    There will be some fighting, that's normal, and it's not worth worrying about unless there's bloodshed. If there are any injuries then the wounded bird needs separating until they've healed.

    Add extra distractions around the coop whilst they're mixing, such as lettuce / cabbage heads, pits of dirt to scratch in, anything! You could leave them together when you're around to supervise too, and spray them with water or distract them with treats when a serious fight breaks out!
    Hope this helps :)
    • CommentAuthorboohill
    • CommentTimeJul 29th, 2011 4:07pm (Jul 29th 2011)
    They were sleeping together but last night I removed my old hen and put it I'm separate sleeping quaters . Ive now separated the pen in two parts and am going to keep it this way for a week or two then try and get them to mingle . Fingers crossed . Thanks for the advice :face-smile:
    • CommentTimeJul 29th, 2011 7:27pm (Jul 29th 2011)

    Keeper of the hens

    I think the best thing to do is to remember that some fighting is inevitable - it's not called the pecking order for nothing! - but once that pecking order is sorted it won't happen to this extent again. It's never nice to watch, but it won't last long!
    • CommentAuthorboohill
    • CommentTimeJul 29th, 2011 7:55pm (Jul 29th 2011)
    Ok I'll try again next week but the other two are really scared if the old hen . Like head in the ground scared. Even tonight as soon as the black one enters it's pen the other two go to there nest box and dont move . they dont even like seeing her at the minute
    • CommentTimeJul 31st, 2011 3:17pm (Jul 31st 2011) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    It's okay, their relationship will improve over time :) When we introduced Milly and Eva to the flock, at different times, they were both terrified of the other hens. However Milly lived her whole life happily with Tilly and Penny, aside from the few odd pecks :tooth:

    Just have them spending ten minutes or so together at first, with lots of treats scattered about liberally, and then try building it up.

    This is a great time for you to sit with your two new girls and hand feed them and such, whilst they are separated, to really tame them up. That way when the old hen does attack them, they can run to you for safety and jump on your lap to escape her. It's what I did with both of mine, although Milly was a chick at the time and Eva was an ex-bat, so both easier to tame than your standard pullet!
    • CommentAuthorleevaux
    • CommentTimeJul 31st, 2011 6:02pm (Jul 31st 2011)
    I can remember this Red to, when they come to you for safety.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st, 2011 11:58am (Aug 1st 2011) edited

    Keeper of the hens

    I swear it makes the taming process easier! Teach your newbies that you'll look after them, and then even when they get along fine with the other hen, they'll still come to you for cuddles :smile:
    • CommentAuthorboohill
    • CommentTimeAug 1st, 2011 4:38pm (Aug 1st 2011)
    Fingers crossed then . Cheers everybody