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    • CommentAuthorzz9zzzalpha
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd, 2012 10:45am (Oct 2nd 2012) edited
    Yesterday was our 24th Wedding Anniversary so we had decided to go to Frankie & Bennie's for Lunch. So off we set down the motorway to Frankie & Bennie's in Stockport, we were 2 miles down the M60 in lane 1 doing about 60mph when all of a sudden the engine stopped! No power steering or braking, luckily as we were in lane 1 rolling onto the hard shoulder was just possible. Karen got her mobile out but was so scared of being on the hard shoulder with HGVs thundering past less than 2 feet away making the car rock with their slip stream; add to that It was raining, that fine stuff that soaks you through. Karen opened her window and inch to let the air circulate but 5 minutes later it wouldn't go up and the rain was dripping in! Poor Karen couldn’t even use her phone she was shaking so much, so i called the RAC and they advised someone would be there ASAP and gave the usual good advice to get out of the car and on the other side of the barriers. Now being a wheelchair user I think me sat in a WC on the hard shoulder would have been a greater distraction for and passing rubbernecker, thus increasing the chance of further incident. So we sat in the car until the recovery vehicle arrived. Back at the garage and were informed the alternator is faulty and it would be approx £380 to replace ( Karen can’t say I didn’t buy her an anniversary present) but they weren’t able to do the work till the next day. The garage kindle drove use home and we celebrated our 24th anniversary with Bacon butties for supper
      CommentAuthorchief chicken
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd, 2012 2:42pm (Oct 2nd 2012)
    An alternator and bacon butties for her anniversary? That woman doesn't realise what a treasure she has there...:rolling:
    Sorry to hear about your problems - and on top of your accident too...are your injuries any better? How's the arm/shoulder doing now?
    • CommentAuthorzz9zzzalpha
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd, 2012 5:43pm (Oct 2nd 2012) edited
    Posted By: chief chickenAn alternator and bacon butties for her anniversary? That woman doesn't realise what a treasure she has there...:rolling:" alt=":rolling:" src="http:///hencam_forum/extensions/Vanillacons/smilies/happy/rolling.gif" />
    Sorry to hear about your problems - and on top of your accident too...are your injuries any better? How's the arm/shoulder doing now?

    I keep telling her I'm a catch but she said she normally throws tiddlers back in:001_huh: and after I treated her to a new mop only 2 weeks ago:crazy:

    As for my arm its healing slowly, i went to pick a powered w/chair today, always resisted one but when i had a go it was so maneuverable with a joystick i was sold. I now have to change my motability car as I will need a 150kg hoist fitted in the back of an estate car to get the power chair in and out. Damn my arm making have to get a new car 8 months early:001_rolleyes: At least within the next 2 weeks I can get back to work and have a rest:rollonfloorlaughing: But seriously I really like my job, I'm lucky that I can get up in the morning and really not bother that I have to go to work:001_cool:
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd, 2012 11:45pm (Oct 2nd 2012)
    Breaking down is scary enough, but on a motorway would be terrifying! I hope you didn't have to wait long to be rescued.

    By the way, you spoil that woman! :rolling: We got married on the 14th Jan so after spending a fortune on Christmas every year never have enough money to celebrate. It just passes by as another day - quite sad really. Every year I promise myself I'll make hubby take me somewhere but it never happens.

    PS I hope the trip to Frankie and Bennie's will be back on once the car is fixed. Go for me if not for yourselves!!!!!

    (Happy anniversary too! :_party:)
    • CommentAuthorLynnW
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd, 2012 2:23am (Oct 3rd 2012)
    Wow, what an awful way to have to celebrate your anniversary!

    :_party: Happy Belated Anniversary!:aparty2:

    I'm glad your arm is getting better too..the new wheelchair sounds nice!